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Welcome to GroovePages Mastery

GroovePages Mastery is the first Course in GrooveFunnels Mastery. Below is the course curriculum so you can see how intensive the course are, broken down into Sections, Units and Lessons starting with a broad overview and getting more details as you go along.

Welcome to the GrooveFunnels Mastery Course

Introducing GrooveFunnels Mastery

4 Lessons

Course Introduction
Meet Your Instructor, Tony Eppright
Introducing GrooveFunnels
Join the Facebook Groups

Welcome to GroovePages

Intro to GroovePages

2 Lessons

What is GroovePages
GroovePages Welcome Page

Setting up your Domain

5 Lessons

GroovePages Subdomain vs. Custom Domain
Setting up your GroovePages Subdomain
Setting up your Custom Domain inside of Cloudflare
Connecting your Custom Domain to GroovePages
Connecting Your Custom Subdomain To GroovePages

Adding a New Site

4 Lessons

Websites vs. Funnels
Adding A New Site From A Template
Adding A New Site From A Blank Template
Naming Your New Site

GrooveFunnel's Page Builder

9 Lessons

Introducing The Page Builder
Site Management
Publishing Your Site
The GroovePages Canvas
What Are Blocks And How To Use Them
What Are Elements And How To Use Them
The Control Panel


5 Lessons

Adding Pages
Managing Page Structure
Hidden Pages
Pages Option
Page Settings

GroovePages Blocks

4 Lessons

Predesigned Blocks
Wireframe Blocks
Saving Your Own Blocks
Working With Block Code

Mastering your GroovePages Builder


4 Lessons

Layout Elements
Dependent Elements


3 Lessons

Intro To Popups
Adding Popups
Popup Settings

Control Panel

10 Lessons

Design vs. Configure Tab
Expert Mode
Global Styles

Prep Work

5 Lessons

Planning Your Funnel Or Website
Your Copy
On-Page SEO

Putting it all Together

9 Lessons

Template Or Scratch?
Page Layout

Building Your GroovePages Site


3 Lessons

Overview of the GroovePages Mastery Course
How To Get Support
Next Steps


Groove Mastery Membership Includes These FREE Bonuses (worth over $3,000!)

Bonus lifetime access and free updates to all courses included

Lifetime Access & Updates

You get lifetime access to GrooveFunnels Mastery and Free Updates anytime we update the course content.

Bonus Lifetime Access to private resource center

Lifetime Access to Resources

Lifetime access to our resource center included. Get tutorials on integrations, elements and more helpful resources.

Bonus access to our Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

Join our Private Facebook group to network in a professional environment and to get support with your Issues.

Bonus Lifetime Access to private resource center

GrooveKart Mastery

This is a separate course because at the time of creation it was a stand alone app and the course is very intensive! This FREE BONUS is worth $997!

Bonus Lifetime Access to private resource center

Groove On-Page SEO Mastery

This course teaches how to optimize your pages for SEO so you can rank higher in Google! These strategies can be applied to any platform. This FREE BONUS is worth $497!

Bonus Lifetime Access to private resource center

Getting Started With Groove

My Fast-Track course to teach you just what you need to know to launch ASAP, and then you can deep dive with the Mastery Courses next. This FREE BONUS is worth $497!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Groove Mastery?

GrooveFunnels Mastery is a suite of 11 courses, as well as an amazing online community to help you master ALL Groove.cm Apps in the fastest time possible. Instead of spending months (or longer) learning Groove, you can start learning in less than a week and get up and running quickly to make professional websites for yourself or your clients.

Do I need a Groove Account?

While you don't need a Groove Account, this course is best taken if you have one and can follow along inside your Groove Account. The course is based on the premium Groove version, but you will be able to do a lot of these things with the free version. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for an account here https://funnels4.life/platinum.

What Courses are Included in GrooveFunnels Mastery?

Groove Mastery includes GroovePages Mastery, GrooveSell Mastery, GrooveAffiliate Mastery, GrooveMail Mastery, GrooveVideo Mastery, GrooveMember Mastery, GrooveBlog Mastery, and GrooveWebinar Mastery. Course curriculum is subject to change.

In addition, Groove Mastery includes GrooveKart Mastery, Groove On-Page SEO Mastery and Getting Started With Groove all as FREE Bonuses (total value $1991)

Are All Courses Available Now?

No, because of the rapid pace of changes with Groove.cm, I have waited until things stabilize before creating all courses.

These courses are currently completed: GroovePages Mastery (will be completely redone with the release of GroovePages 2.0), GrooveVideo Mastery, GrooveMember Mastery, GrooveBlog Mastery, and GrooveSell Mastery. GrooveMail Mastery and GrooveAffiliate Mastery are coming very soon.

In addition, I'm including these FREE BONUSES: GrooveKart Mastery, Groove On-Page SEO Mastery and Getting Started With Groove (coming soon). 

What Makes You Qualified To Teach GrooveFunnels?

I've been developing websites for close to 15 years on the WordPress Platform, almost 4 years on the ClickFunnels Platform and most recently on GrooveFunnels. I own a six-plus figure Website Development and Digital Marketing Agency, AlphaBlossom and I've developed websites for as much as $17,500. Since I purchased my GrooveFunnels Platinum plan, I've immersed myself in the platform to learn it inside and out, with countless hours of learning, testing and helping others. I'm also able to apply my years of experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to GrooveFunnels so I can help you learn in the shortest time possible. 

Do you Offer Refunds?

Yes. I offer a 30 day 110% satisfaction guarantee and if you're not satisfied for any refund, I'm happy to give you a full refund. The only thing I ask is that you let me know why you want a refund, so I can continue to improve the course as well as my customer service. I'm a big believer in overdelivering, and if you're not happy with my course in any way I'm not interested in keeping your money.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

I accept Visa, MC, Amex and Discover Card as well as Paypal.

Do you Have a Payment Plan?

Currently I'm offering a 3-monthly payment plan of $332.34 per month (total of $997). It's almost unheard of for someone to offer a 3 payment plan for the same price as the single pay (usually a "payment plan penalty" is added on making the payment plans more expensive in total), so take advantage of it before I change my mind!

Do you Offer Support?

Yes! I will add you to a Facebook Group just for GrooveFunnels Mastery Members soon, and you can always reach out to me directly at [email protected] or Facebook Messenger and I'm always happy to help. Additionally I'm creating an in-depth resource center that will only be available to members with things like an Elements guide, specific Integration Tutorials and more.

Is this Website (Funnel) Built on GrooveFunnels?

Absolutely! I developed this website in GroovePages based on a custom design by my Design Team. It has some custom coded features that are not available in the GrooveFunnels Builder as well as some complex background images, and SVG Images to make sure the website loads as fast as possible (SVG Images are currently not supported directly). These are some of the things that you'll be learning to do inside my course. I'm also using GrooveSell to accept payments. Currently GrooveMail is brand new and I'm waiting for it to mature a little more, so for now I"m using Active Campaign for email automations.

What Platform is the Course On?

GrooveFunnels Mastery is hosted on GrooveMember so you can access all courses from one central membership location (with the exception of GroovePages which will be moved over once I redo the course soon).

How Long will I have Access to the Course?

GrooveFunnels Mastery includes lifetime access and free updates for life.

I have more Questions!

Send an email to [email protected], or if we're connected on Facebook feel free to send me a PM.

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